do you?

Sometimes all I need is just a friend. Someone who will understand. Someone who will support me. So many feelings rushed into me.. thousands of memories and flashbacks are being played in my head.. but yet can’t be spoken in words. More than a girl in my grade.. more than just a girl in my school.. more than a best friend.. well.. mega best friend I can say? :) I will see you everywhere we had been. You will always walk in front of me with ‘your style’ of walking. Things you taught me I still remember so well ‘Best friends are not someone who’s with you all the time, but they are the one you will always feel the same when you are with them’, yes, it will always be the same ^_^ 

I’m sorry I couldn’t send you off at the airport like you did to me at my hotel. It was so hard to walk away when we were parting this morning. It felt like someone tied two big rocks to my foot.

Pet Cafe, Shaved ice, big pan fried rice(with that dude, eh Sarah ;)? ), Cat infection (Meows), the random laugh with your face looking down cos you laugh so hard, VSSF, basketball, PE class, Math class, Boarding, Art house, the bread talk, the sejung toilet, the end of the day subway-send-off walk, the my-adventure-in-the-subway-by-myself talk on the phone with you(exit 9.. I remember -.- and I was so relieved when I saw you guys), the brooklyn shirt you bought, the jajangmyun, those words you teach me, the peptine time capsule bottle… these things I can never and will never forget.

Ps.I will be mad at you for a while because I will have puffy eyes when I go to school tomorrow -_- but I will still call you on skype

meow meowwmeowww meowewww .. it means I love yew (don’t puke :P ) I will see you soon my to-be-Pharmacist <3 <3

short and simple word that is killing me. omg..
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I don’t know what you are thinking. It took already loads of effort for me to confess.. and you act like it’s nothing.. sometimes i really hate you .. don’t try to make to feel better by just saying ‘I still have feelings for you naa’ it makes me feel pathetic. If you don’t like me, tell me. Cos if you do, you would say it, you would let me speak what’s in my mind. shit will work out. Sometimes I really hate you.

Dreamt about bread for few days.. many times.. what does it mean?


It was thursday. I was walking to art house with mk and kaew? lol. And we were talking about my old front hair, or bangs. I didn’t want to talk about it cos it was so embarrassing so i was shouting ‘ew ew ew ew ew don’t talk about! no! no no! T0T’. As we walked into the cluster, prince charming was there, tying his shoe laces. Bread was at the swimming pool standing and waiting for the kids to get on the saleng, shirtless. I know i sound perv -.- but still. He was pwetty hawt -.,-. As i was about to walk out of the cluster, prince charming called me.

PC: Bam!

Me: *turned around* yes?

PC: Someone said there’s a plastic box with the cookies in it. Is it yours?

Me: *thought about the pooh bear box and made the confuse face*

PC: The round plastic box. Someone said it’s yours.

Me: *ding dong!* O/////O

PC: Is it yours?

Me: ^//////^;;;

PC: Is it yours? *grinned*

Me: ^/////////////////^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

PC: *laughed and walked away*

Me T//////T oh god so embarrassing~ *ran to the art house, out of her mind*

WAhh~ they must have knew my secret(?) is it even a secret? ^_^

5/6/13: Bread (3)

Yesterday after chum shop, I walked back passed the gym and I saw P’ Mud. So I said hi and we had a short convo. I told her that I saw her at the swimming pool and asked her if she saw me. She said ‘Yes of course! You were in the ping pong room (table tennis room). Were you secretly looking at someone? ;) ’ so i was like noooo >.<.. but does that mean he knows too? T_T I hope not T0T.. >////<

5/6/13: Bread (2)

I went to chum shop with Kiera, Paew and Lucia. On the way back to the cluster, we walked pass cluster 11, and I was hoping that bread was not there. God loves me, he was -_-;;. He was on his Ipad (or someone’s) and he was calling us (me and Kiera, cos Paew and Lucia was at the library.) So we turned. I couldn’t make sense out of what he said, so he was like ‘no? oh it’s okay’. oh mi gawd, me ma die T_T.. he’s just too cute >////< ahh how will I survive with him being like this? T_T It’s like I don’t want to meet him, but he’s what I want. He’s the reason why I want to go to school. I know I sound crazy, but I’m not… right? :B

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